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What is a toolbar?
A toolbar is a set of tools that are grouped together into an area on the main window of an application. Typically, the tools are arranged into a horizontal strip called a bar, hence the term toolbar is the shortening of the original term tool bar. Vertical and floating toolbars are also possible, though they're not as common.
I know what a toolbar is and if it's good enough for you, it's good enough for me. Let's get to it!
Why do I need one?
Maybe you don't. Although, remember when you used to say you didn't need a mobile phone...?!

Alright. Maybe it's not as essential as that but to be honest, it's worth the few seconds it takes to obtain. Our Toolbar is free, easy and quick to download. A click or two of your mouse and it's done! Our toolbar search function is powered by Google but can be customised if you wish; the toolbar contains quick, relevant links; it's secure, safe and private with no risk of spyware.
So what's the advantage?

Well, let's start with you...

Here's how our toolbar looks at the moment...


This toolbar will appear at the top of your web browser, above the page content. This means whenever you browse the internet, you have a Google search facility at all times, email notifier, weather forecaster, online radio player, easy access to your pc's can change the functions at any time and modify to your own needs...We'll also add useful and relevant links to it from time to time. You can go straight to the Susie Long Hospice Fund website at the click of a button but we also have quick links to pages within our site.

So what's in it for us?

Our biggest asset. You of course! We'll only ever be one click away from your desktop so you'll never miss a thing. See the toolbar news symbol on the right of the toolbar? This button allows discreet, small news items to be delivered straight to your toolbar. No emails, no pop-ups or any of those annoying things. This keeps you up to date with our news and events even when you are away from our website.

And the catch?
OK. So you will have to leave our website for a few minutes but we promise it won't be for long! After that, we'll aways be within easy reach.
I'm in! Where do I get it?
Easy! Click the button below. Try it. If you don't like it, you can uninstall it anytime you like. If you still haven't made it to the gym, why not skip to your next Resolution and "try something new" for now!
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