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2018 update

The Susie Long Hospice Fund has raised over €700,000 to date. We want this money to be spent on a hospice as quickly as possible. As an interim measure, some of this money has been spent on the purchase of 12 specialist beds and other furnishings to improve the comfort of Palliative Care patients in St. Luke’s hospital.

We are working with management of St Luke’s hospital to provide a Family Room where the family and friends of Palliative Care patients can eat and rest.

In our ongoing effort to make the hospice a reality as quickly as possible, we regularly meet with Management of St Luke’s hospital and we have regular contact with our politicians in Kilkenny – who are very supportive of our aims.

We continue to challenge the HSE’s failure to establish a hospice in Kilkenny and we will continue to do so until the hospice is built.

Benefits of Kilkenny Hospice

When operational, the Hospice will provide Palliative Care services to the people of Kilkenny and Carlow, including:

• appropriate care in a suitable environment for terminally ill people
• access to multidisciplinary specialist services
• access to respite care
• a place where the terminally ill of all ages will find the comfort and tranquillity of a home-like environment, rather than a busy acute care hospital setting
• a place where terminally ill patients will be able to die with dignity, surrounded only by caring staff  and loved ones
• day-care services
• outpatient clinics
• the opportunity for more people to be discharged from hospital settings to their preferred place of care – the home.

All rooms will be single, en-suite.

Why Hospice Care?

Around 50% of people who die, do so in acute hospitals. This environment is totally unsuitable to the needs of the patient and their families as, often:

→ they are surrounded by noise and trauma
→ out of necessity, they are placed in overcrowded, public settings
→ there simply is no privacy in which to die in dignity

Currently, the only hospice provision in Kilkenny is by the Home Care Team, which provides excellent care but are severely over-stretched and under-funded.

For the lucky few who are fortunate enough to secure a place at one of the few existing hospices in Ireland, there are still difficulties associated with being far from home:

→ For the Patient: Stress of separation from family
→ For family and friends: Burden of constantly travelling long distances and living out of home

These add tremendously to the pressure and strain of the situation for everyone. With the provision of a dedicated hospice in St. Luke’s Hospital, Kilkenny, the Susie Long Hospice Fund aims for as many people as possible to have the calm, peaceful and supportive environment at the end of their lives which everyone deserves.

About us

The Susie Long Hospice Fund was set up as a Trust in October 2007 and obtained charitable status in 2008 (charity no. CHY17950)

We are a voluntary committee based in Kilkenny.

Our accounts are audited annually by DeLoughry and O’Gorman, Accountants, Kilkenny and anyone is welcome to view them in full.

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Our Mission

To provide the highest possible quality of end-of-life care for patients and their families through the establishment of a 12-bed hospice in Kilkenny.

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